PicsArt is an App, which was diagrammed by American company “Open Soft Consult”.Programming and marketing of the app were done by Armenian programmers. Therefore, the successful development of PicsArt is important for Armenia.

Recently, the members of the App development announced that PicsArt has 165 million users already. It is a step forward in the sphere of programming, marketing and PR in Armenia.

In case of writing a feature piece on this topic, it will be interesting to interview one of the members of the communications office and find out more about the promotion process first. After, one or two of the programmers should be interviewed. Next, one can interview some of the users of the App, not only in Armenia but also abroad. The interviewees can be asked questions about how they found out about the App (the promotion part) and whether they find the App helpful or not (programming part). Finding users will not be difficult as they usually reflect on the Apps in the comment sections of the AppStores.