On the 28th of September Turkish Sabah newspaper published an interview with Yusuf Ozturk, a Chairman of the Ozturkler Holding construction company, who informed that their company is investing in Armenia’s economy. He announced that they have already started the construction of a residential building in Erevean. As he said they are planning to have 5,000 apartments. He as well stated that though Armenia is a small country the circulation of money in Armenia is significant.

The news was actively circulating in Armenian media. However later on October 2 the minister of Armenia’s Urban Development announced that according to Yerevan Municipality there is no Turkish company operating in Erevan.

This confusing story raises a number of questions. First of all, what was the intention of Turkish businessman? Taking into consideration the fact that Ozturkler company is a big company operating not just in Turkey ( recently it has signed an agreement with Cameroon government to build residential houses for $1.183bn), it is unlikely that the Chairman just made a joke.

Concerning the Armenian side, first it is interesting to look at the research done by Caucasus Barometer which says that 67% of Armenians disapprove doing business with Turks. So is it possible that Armenian government taking into consideration the attitude of people   is misleading the population, or is it the Turkish company that has hidden intentions under its supposedly false announcement?