On November 27,2014 a telethon has been released.

The marathon is organized by the “Armenia” Pan Armenian Foundation. The collected money which is already about 45,000,000 dollrs is going to be used for repairing the road from Vardenis which is near lake Sevan to Martakert which is in Karabakh. A part of the road has been already repaired due to the money collected by the last year’s telethon. The other part of the road is going to be repaired due to the money collected by this year’s telethon.

The repairment of this road will cause several good changes. Firs of all, it is a link between Armenia and Karabakh. It will take much more quicker to get to Karabakh from Armenia and vice versa than it has taken by other roads so far. Consequently, the new road will cause the development of tourism both in Armenia and in Karabakh, and  the development of tourism will cause the development of the economy of both countries.