An International NGO “Oxfam” on November 21 held a public meeting in UN House in Armenia. During the meeting the launch of the campaign “Even It Up” was announced. The campaign’s aim is to raise awareness about social and economical inequality in Armenia. Oxfam presented its report on inequality and organized a photo exhibition showing people living below the poverty line.
Oxfam’s report says that 32,4% (980,000) of Armenia’s population is living below the poverty line. The report as well says that the income of the richest people in Armenia is 15 times more than the income of the poorest people.
The representatives of Oxfam noted that to overcome the polarization in the society and decrease extreme inequality Armenian government has to add to its social spending 69,4 billion drams (1,7 % of Armenia’s GDP).
Meanwhile 2013 report of the Ministry of Labor and Social Issues says that in Armenia there are 241,772 families living below the poverty line and only 102,570 families receive social aid.