While checking my AUA gmail account, I encountered an amazing notification about upcoming event at AUA. AUA will host Ruben Vardanyan with “Armenia and The Armenian World” prezentation.

The guest is a person who is famous for his hard work and kind contributions. A person who is inspiring young minds with desire to grow. But he is not a person who talks, he is the one who does.

During his presentation, Mr. Vardanyan is going to discuss the projects he is doing in Armenia, as well the “Armenia-2020” project, and also his vision for the future of Armenia.

The presentation will be held at 10 AM in AUA’s Manoogian Hall next Saturday, December 6.

I think this is a UNIQUE opportunity to meet such a PERSON. So do not miss your chance to gain a valuable knowledge and advises from the speech of a great man of our times. If you want to come, you should sign up at