Vahe Petrosyan suggested to put a marquee on vehicles that will show the rout of the latter. In this way citizens may know where does a vehicle go and how many free seats does it have. Petrosyan believes that this is a cheaper and easier way of transportation for Yerevan. The device will be equipped not only on taxis but also on cars. He said that the citizens will be informed about the routs of the vehicles by internet.

Petrosyan is a businessman who wanted to share his innovative idea. However, I would say that this is innovative only from technological part. We have met short movement of using this kind of way of transportation last year. During the protests against 150 AMD for public transportation many drivers were telling their routs and number of free seats to people on stations and were taking random passengers with them. There was also a website where were ordered the rout of some drivers who had previously registered as volunteers.

Unfortunately, this movement stopped with the protests after cancelling the law about the price for public transportation. It is really encouraging that Petrosian returned to this after some time.  He hopes that his suggestion will work as he also has some ideas and suggestion connected to the technology for the devices.

If you do not have a story for your profile pieces or presentations yet I highly recommend to pick this one as not everyone suggests this kind of ideas and innovations usually. If anyone is interested I can show you his profile on Facebook and you may contact him there.