The president of Turkey has made another pathetic statement, “The USA Never Landed on the Moon”.  Is he losing his mind or does he possess information that we do not. His last statements concerning men and women, mosque vision on a hill in Cuba and now this, makes us doubt if everything is alright with his health.

During a meeting in Izmir, he stated the following: ““Every president, PM or chancellorknow the truth about US moon hoax. When we are elected to the cabinets, we get the black suitcase where all secrets of the world are kept. I was shocked when I learned that US never went to the moon”, “The leaders are supposed to keep these secrets and never tell, but it is time for honesty.” He also promised to reveal   more truths about the secrets when the time is right.

Now, two questions arise: If US never landed on the moon, how were they capable to come up with an invention such as the Orion flight that will be capable of sending humans to deep space destinations such as an asteroid and eventually Mars. And if Erdogan is seeking for justice and honesty, perhaps he should attend Hasan Cemal, grandson of one of the organizers of the Armenian Genocide, book presentation on the Armenian Genocide.