On Thursday, Dec 11, Hasan Çemal, Turkish journalist will be in Yerevan for a talk at 5 pm at the Moscow Theater, sponsored by Civilitas.

Hasan Çemal is the grandson of Djemal Pasha. Djemal Pasha was one of the three leaders who masterminded and carried out the genocide. Hasan Çemal will be speaking about his grandfather, his own life, and his book, which the Hrant Dink Foundation will be publishing and will be available in Armenian that day.

He is best known for acknowledging and apologizing for the Armenian Genocide, a crime which was perpetrated in part by his grandfather and his colleagues.

Hasan Çemal is a senior journalist and respected public figure.   Two years ago, he published a book, in Turkish, called ARMENIAN GENOCIDE 1915.   Although, he says, he is not a historian, he could not disavow the historical fact of the genocide.

The 1915 Centennial is near, and it is very important for all Armenians to gather as one nation. It is really interesting to hear all the discussions and data about this very sad topic from a Turkish journalist.

Everyone will be able to attend because the event is public.