On December 8th the national assembly of Armenia, Galust Sahakyan, received the Uruguay delegation led by the vice president Danilo Astori. Sahakyan congratulated Astori for being reelected, and mentioned that Armenia and Uruguay share a mutual respect, trust, and historical friendship. He also highlighted the recent visit of our president in Uruguay, and expressed his inner hope that Astori’s visit to Armenia will deepen the parliamentary relations between Armenia and Uruguay.

Nonetheless, in 1965 Uruguay had officially recognized the Armenian Genocide, and for that Sahakyan highly admired the decision of establishing a museum for the memoriam of Armenian Genocide.

On Astori’s part, he likewise expressed his thoughts and hopes that his visit to Armenia will make the bonds stronger. In his statement, he mentioned that the government of Uruguay also seeks to develop the relations with Armenia. He also noted that the victims of Armenian Genocide will never be forgotten. In addition, he stated that his government will always be supportive to the OSCE Minsk Group efforts in order to provide a peaceful situation of the Karapakh conflict.