Yerevan- On December 11 of 2014 “Civiltas” foundation organized the event which took place at Moscow cinema. Guest of the program was the grandson of Jemal Pasha` Hasan Jemal. Remind that Jemal Pasha was one of three Turkish officials who were the organizers of Armenian Genocide.

Hasan Jemal declared that he recognizes the Armenian Genocide and wrote about it in his book called << 1915. Armenian Genocide>>. He also talked about those difficulties which face everyday  those persons in Turkey who recognize the Genocide. But he said that there is some progress there because few years ago it was impossible to speak about that in Turkey, while now he encourages his students to do researches about it and try to find the truth.

Unfortunately for guests of the program there was not question and answer session after the event. They were complaints about that because majority of audience prepared questions for guest. Despite these details, the event made a great impression and it is important to organize events like this and propose recognition of Armenian Genocide.