On December 6th on Northern Avenue, a campaign against sex-selective abortion was held. The organizers of the protest had spread out little shoes for girls. Next to each shoe, there was a message with the following written on them: “Lilit. I wasn’t born because I was a girl,” “Tatevik. I wasn’t born because the first child had to be a boy” and “Ani. I wasn’t born because I couldn’t bear my father’s surname”

According to Executive Representative of the United Nations Population Fund, Garik Hayrapetyan, the number of boys born in Armenia versus girls is 113 to 100, which results in a 10% deviation. The norm is 102-106.

For me, the organizing of this is such a great initiative. A lot of other protests have been held previously against sex-selective abortions, but I believe that none were as effective as this one. The fact that the shoes were there to represent the girls who could have been walking in them is more visual, and will result in more people getting directly affected by it. Also, the fact that they had the small messages including Armenian names of girls made these girls more real, and I’m sure this message touched the hearts of many, including mine. The purpose of the protest successfully delivered.