On December 3, 2014 Transparency International Anticorruption Center published the results of Transparency Internationals (TI) Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2014. This year Armenia’s score is 37 and it improved only by 1 point compared to 2013. It currently shares 94-99th places in the ranking table, which is practically the same as in previous year, when Armenia was sharing 94-101th places.
Like in previous years, Armenia is not only behind almost all Eastern and Southern European countries, including its neighbors Georgia (CPI score – 52) and Turkey (45). However Armenia is still ahead of its two other neighbors Azerbaijan (29) and Iran (27), Armenia is as well is ahead of such former Soviet countries as Russia (27), Belarus (31) and Kazakhstan (29).
As Armenia during the past year didn’t improved its ranking it one more times indicates that Armenia failed to make considerable progress in fight against corruption, though Armenian officials are constantly assuring the public that they are implementing anti corruption strategy.
One of the main factor that is considered to cause high level of corruption in Armenia is the fact that business in Armenia is too politically powerful. Other reasons of high level of corruption are such factors as lack of independence of judiciary and high level of tolerance of corruption in the society.